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October 25. 2018.

Within the project “OK! Discovering Creativity “co-funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund, in the Gallery of the City of Krapina, on Thursday – October 25, 2018, the Art Workshop of Ceramics had begun. It’s the first cycle of 25 hours term. The workshop is attended by 11 participants aged 55 and over who want to discover their creativity through the design of unique ceramic objects, jewelery and ceramic sculptures. At the begining of the work, workshop leader dr. art Mirjana Smolić, introduced the participants with the characteristics of ceramics and molding methods, free modeling and drawing of clay.

Grozdana Pavlović, Director of POA Krapina, pointed out that it was the only project from our County that received funds. – Five workshops will be held. Ceramics Workshops will be led by Ljerka Njerš and Mirjana Smolić while workshops of the stained-glass windows will be held by Dominik Juric. The workshops will be held in Lobor, Krapina and in Tuheljske Toplice. In the winter months, a ceramic workshops will be held once a week for four hours, and in the spring the workshops of the stained-glass windows, Pavlović said.

She also added that the largest number of workshops will be held in Krapina, and all those who will have to travel there will have their travel expenses payed. Also, there will be five exhibitions of the works of the participants – three in Krapina, one in Sv. Ivan Zelina and Slatina. Transportation by bus and lunch will be organized, and all of that will be funded from the project.

The artists who will participate in the project said something about the project itself. Ljerka Njerš pointed out that she was delighted that the young generation launched a project aimed at the older generation and the opportunity for people to try art, and Dominik Jurić agreed to her, an artist in stained-glass windows.

Krapina is full of artistic motives just like Zagorje. I’m glad we will give people the chance to try art, and this is unique oportunity because all the costs are covered – Jurić emphasized. This is an extraordinary opportunity for people to learn something about art, to give away and to express their creative side with an exceptional artist. The workshops are timed in the winter and early spring when there is less work and when we can devote to some hobbies – Deputy Mayor Drago Kozina said.

The project leader is Vesna Kunštek, Director of the Krapina City Gallery.

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