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Ljerka Njerš in the omnibus “Eight Chapters”, 2023.

april 3rd 2023

In this year’s program, the ZagrebDox film festival also presents the Croatian omnibus ‘Osam poglavlja’ by a group of authors, which tells about women’s identity through the story of eight women in eight decades of life.

Director Tiha K. Gudac explained that each of the women portrayed in the film, ranging from a five-year-old girl to an 85-year-old lady, is at a specific moment in life that is somehow related to female identity, with the challenges of being a woman in some way .

“The topic of feminine and femininity has somehow been present lately, and this is one of the films that, in a layered way, wants to make an overview of the course of women’s life through a collage approach,” she said.

The stories do not touch each other, they are not montage-combined, but chronologically arranged, and Gudac directed the last story, a portrait of Ljerka Njerš, an artist and designer.

“I’m very glad that such a story is at the end, because it provides a ‘dot on the i’ where she celebrates life. She is a woman who carries life experience with her and is full of colors, beauty, and enthusiasm for life,” she pointed out.

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september 10, 2020


Good Morning, Croatia september 9, 2020


Making beauty in modern media

Art glass (2010)


Photo: Višnja Serdar

Music: Bob Acri “Sleep Away”


The art of clay and fire (1983)


(original title: Umjetnost gline i vatre)

Screenplay: Ljerka Njerš and Ernest Gregl

Director: Ernest Gregl

Duration: 10 minutes

Production: Filmoteka 16, Zagreb, 1983.

Ceramics and painting with love (2001)


(original title: Keramika i slikarstvo s ljubavlju)

Screenplay: Ljerka Njerš and Ernest Gregl

Director: Ernest Gregl

Duration: 8 minutes

Production: Zagreb Film, Zagreb, 2001.

Notations of beauty happening 1966 – 2006 (2007)


(original title: Zapisi događanja ljepote 1966 – 2006)

Compilation: Ernest Gregl and Ljerka Njerš

Music: Igor Savin

Duration: 60 min

Ernest Gregl is a movie director and restaurator. He has won numerous awards and recognitions for his artistic achievements, as well as the lifetime award „Vladimir Nazor“. In his opus of animated and documentary films, movies about artists should be primarily mentioned.


List of films and tv films

2007. “Ceramics and painting with love”, documentary film, director Ernest Gregl, produced by Zagreb-film

2000. “The art of clay and fire” screened at the Ceramics Movie Festival in Montpellier (France), at the international festival of films about applied art in Namur (Belgium), and chosen for the program of films about ceramics at the University of California (USA)

1999. “The art of clay and fire” is sreened with great succes at the movie and video festival at the Ceramic Millenium in Amsterdam

1994. “Exhibition by Ljerka Njerš in Gallerie Valerie in London”, director Flora Turner, produced by BBC radio

1993. “Down to Earth – Croatia, Ljerka Njerš, Artist”, produced by Channel 4, London

1992. “TV izložba”, by Vesna Curo – Tomić, HTV

1991. “Ekran bez okvira”, by Neda Ritz, TV Zagreb; “Ljerka Njerš”, director Edo Galić, produced by HTV

1988. “Jedan autor, jedan film – Portret Ljerke Njerš”, director Miro Mahečić, TV Zagreb

1985. “Portet Ljerke Njerš”, directors Branko Milošević and Mirjana Rakić, TV Novi Sad

1983. “The art of clay and fire”, documentary, director Ernest Gregl, produced by Filmoteka 16

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