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ZAGREB, Launch of monograph “Ljerka Njerš” by Ivanka Reberski, Museum of Arts and crafts

February 15. 2012.

Promoted by Tonko Marojević, Mate Maras, I. Reberski

he Museum of Arts and Crafts presented the monograph “Ljerka Njerš,” author by dr. sc. Ivanka Reberski, art historians, scientific advisors, retired, author of numerous monographs, studies, retrospective and monographic exhibitions of Croatian painting 20th century. Monograph was promoted by academic Tonko Maroević and prof. Mate Maras. Publisher is ULUPUH. Monograph systematically reviews the chronological sequence and evolution of complex artistic oeuvre Ljerka Njerš, painter and one of the most eminent, internationally renowned Croatian ceramist, who, with her varied artworks sensitive poetry and peculiar expressions present in the local and international art scene for more than half a century. At 264 lavishly illustrated pages, present her body of work since 1958. to date. Ljerka Njerš in her approach brilliantly reconciles both her fundamental vocation ceramist and painter. She graduated the School of Applied Arts (Ceramics Division) in Zagreb, in the class of known ceramist Blanka Dužanec. She studied painting at the Fine academy of art in Zagreb and graduated in the class of professor Marin Tartaglia. She has been working as a professional freelance artist and regularly exhibits in exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition to many group, she had more than 80 solo exhibitions. With study tours, participates in many symposiums and meetings. Since 1985. participate in auctions of contemporary ceramics known London house Cristie’s and Bonham’s. She’s a member of the Croatian Association of Artists and ULUPUH, and the Society of Designer and Craftsman in London.

“LJERKA NJERŠ” monograph, magazine ZAGREB, My Town, March 1st 2012

Acts that excite vitalist force ancient “bakantica” from which glides dew on the ceramic flower pots and magical glasses Ljerka Njerš were reason enough that Museum of Arts and Crafts on Wednesday at the hour becomes dreamy corner of Croatian culture. Presentation of the monograph of the great artists “creative adventure in color and fire” published by Ulupuh packed into crowded museum was nonetheless an indication that Croatian culture, despite the poverty and exile media at the expense of the general trivialization of life, not on your knees! Maybe more than two hundred people came to pay tribute to world-renowned artists, the cult of personality Croatian ceramics, which was exhibited in the museum 1983. and 2007. years, recalled museum director Miroslav Gasparovic. “It is the one that is rich encyclopedia of life from the pen of Dr. Ivanka Reberski which for years followed the creation of Ljerka Njerš, equally important in Croatian and European context. Careful observation of expression and transformation techniques, develop motives from the figure of woman and flower motives across the landscape of Yorkshier, Portugal and Croatian, Zagreb panoramas, to the fascinating works in glass, etc. Reberski wrote a book that shows how the country’s purifying element fire occurs world that emanates pure beauty “, said among other things, Dr. Tonko Maroević. Thanking artists and many contributors, especially designer Zlatko Salopek and Djurdja Kovačić and deserve, for the bibliography, Dr. Ivanka Reberski reminded that the work on the book began in 2004. year. Ljerka Njerš singled out not just as a doyen of Croatian sculpture of the biggest names in Croatian ceramics, but also as a great painter and the ease with changing styles and special techniques that no one had dealt with. With read a congratulatory telegram President Ivo Josipovic, with a lot of emotion about the artists spoke and Mate Maras, on behalf Ulupuh which won the lion’s share of the book of John Bakal after which the artist thanked everyone for their support and coming.

“SVIJET ČISTE LJEPOTE” Marina Tenžera, VJESNIK, February 23rd 2012.


photo: Višnja Serdar

photo: Marko Čolić

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