Ljerka Njerš


LONDON, Royal Society, RUĐER BOŠKOVIĆ – glass

November 23. 2011.

TWO ANNIVERSARIES – from text of prof. Ivica Martinović

Focuses on the relationship Ruder Boskovic and the Royal Society, this is an exhibition organized on the occasion of two high Anniversary: 300th Bošković’s birth anniversary and the 250 anniversary of his election to membership of Royal Society. The first initiative for the exhibition gave by Lady Jadranka (Njerš) Beresford Peirse, founder of International Trust for Croatian Monuments and carefully followed the path of her first exhibition draft in June 2010 to achieve. Dr. Felicity Henderson, Exhibition and Events Menager in the Centre for the History of Scince, readily supported this exhibition project, all librarians u Royal Society expressed to me affability and hospitality during the work at the library. Two Croatian contemporary artist painter Viktor Šerbu i ceramist Ljerka Njerš willingly responded to my call to enrich Boskovic iconography. To all of them I express gratitude for the support for the realization of this exhibition. Selected exhibits illustrate the various dimensions of Boscovich’s presence in the British Isles: last question Newton’s Optics as large inspiration young Jesuit, collaboration with the English scientists Christopher Maire i James Stuart in Rome, Encounters in England in the second half of 1760., relationship with the Royal Society in 1770is, Boscovich reception of natural from Priestley’s philosophy of the early 20th century. Therefore exhibition on Croatian member of the Royal Society offers an exciting story of the development of science from Newton to JJ Thomson.

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