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June 1. 2020.

Art Eco / ŠumaArt Eco / Šuma

ULUPUH Biennial Exhibition on Eco-Design

ULUPUH Gallery, Ilica 13, Zagreb

1.6. – 15.6.2020.

Concept author: Davor Klarić

Curator and selector of the exhibition: Branka Hlevnjak

Exhibitors: Vesna Aralica, Ivana Bakal, Vedrana Balković, Stjepan Balja, Janko Belaj, Zdenka Bilušić, Lidia Boševski, Sasa Ćetković, Teodora de Both, Ines Delač, Marin Dražančić, Lidija Filipec – Stanislav, Smiljka Franjić, Tatjana Grgurina Vučetić, Karlo Gross , Ajla Hebib Spoljarec, Ruza Hodak, Ivan Ivan, Suzana Jagar-Vrkic, Vesna Jakic, Sanja Jakupec, Sasa Jantolek, Natasa Kabalin, Karaka design, Ada Kezic, Natasa Knezevic, Vesna Kolobaric, Andreja Kruselj, Eta Lincir, Andrijana Lucic, Iva Lulic, Lazer Rok Lumezi, Tomislav Maric, Alan Matuka, Alida Mezic, Dunja Naerlovic, Zlatko Odrcic, Zoran Osrecak, Andrea Pavetic, Margareta Persic, Bozica Petkovic, Nika Petrovic, Petra Podnarchuk, Lili Poljak, Zdravka Radic, Ranka Radovic, Natasa Rasovic Bodiš, Julijana Rodić Ozimec, Milena Rogulj, Andrea Rosandić, Hrvoje Serdar, Marin Sovar, Maja Strgar Kurečić, Sanja Šebalj, Vladimir Šimunić, Davor Šuk, Sonja Turner Fegić, Svebor Vidmar, Bojana Vuksanović, Ines Zrnc Gregorina and invited authors: Mario Aničić, Korana Gjalski Filipović, Ljerka Njerš

“Since 2014, a group event Art Eco has been held, according to the concept of Davor Klarić. The response to the event is higher every year because the topic is obviously well covered. And regardless of the fact that social awareness of ecology has been going on for half a century, the topic is becoming more and more topical and the world is increasingly stumbling over environmental problems. Realizing the importance of forests (leaves and chlorophyll) on human survival, given the ravages of fire and the relentless deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and the like, conscious people around the world are initiating mass afforestation, thereby “patching” the lungs of our lives.

Open to all media of applied arts, the theme of the exhibition is broad, current and inspiring enough that the authors can dedicate themselves to it without being “illustrators” of curatorial ideas. Each presented work bears the hallmark of an author’s manuscript and remains recognizable. What connects all the works, be it fashion, jewelry, ceramics, photography, land art, graphics, assembly, doll, caricature, photo-comic or installation, the starting motive is the same: environmental awareness spreads through art in an effort to contribute to the right values of life.

The exhibition was initially conceived physically, so that the pandemic and earthquake that severely destroyed Zagreb could be reoriented to a virtual one, and finally a compromise phase was reached, which is the most suitable for modern communication: it will be set in the new ULUPUH gallery (Ilica 13 ) in addition to physical exhibits, there will also be projections of reproduced works, but the exhibition will also be available on social networks and the website (ulupuh.hr), where PDF catalogs can also be downloaded. ”(Branka Hlevnjak, adapted from the foreword. )

Due to the recommendations to avoid the spread of coronavirus infection, a classic opening in the gallery space will not be organized.
The exhibition will be on view until June 15, weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The gallery is closed on Sundays and public holidays. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Exhibition organizer:
ULUPUH – Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts

The exhibition was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.


See the introductory word of the curator and the setting of the exhibition here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Epl1bh5hAD0&feature=emb_logo

Source: https://ulupuh.hr/art-eco-suma/

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