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55th ZAGREB SALON – applied arts and design

June 14. 2020.


This year’s 55th Zagreb Salon, dedicated to applied arts and design, is the largest in terms of the number of submitted works, and its theme ‘Pulse of the moment or what moves you’ was answered by many artists, said Salon director Ivana Bakal at the opening.

The organizer of the 55th Zagreb Salon is the Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Applied Arts (ULUPUH) in cooperation with the Technical Museum ‘Nikola Tesla’ and the Mimara Museum, curator Iva Körbler, who is also the author of the concept entitled ‘Pulse of the moment or what drives you’.

The salon was opened in front of the Technical Museum ‘Nikola Tesla’ and more than 500 works were submitted for selection, of which 230 passed the selection. Selected works could be seen in three exhibition spaces – the exhibition hall next to the main building and Hall V of the Technical museum ‘Nikola Tesla’ as part of ‘Summer in the Technical Museum’ and in the gallery ULUPUH. The salon was opened by its curator and concept author Iva Körbler. She also thanked the artists for reacting in such large numbers to the topic, and especially because until the last minute, ie until mid-May, it was not known whether the Salon could be held at all, both because of the coronavirus and because of funding.

Körbler explained that, reflecting on the topic of the Salon, she also referred to the experiences of older colleagues, older Salons, and other triennial and biennial events. From this, she pointed out, it was clear that artists often reacted with great works, but they did not always pass because of a too narrowly defined and rigid conception.

Given that the Salon should provide some objective cross-section of three years of work in the field of applied arts, she believed that it should show as much work and as much diversity as possible in styles, techniques and media, taking into account that it does not come out of what applied art is.
The exhibition was financially realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the City Office for Culture of the City of Zagreb.

The Zagreb Salon is a prestigious national exhibition of contemporary art in the field of visual arts, design and architecture founded by the Zagreb City Assembly in 1965. It is an exhibition of recent works of art, an annual festival of contemporary art dedicated to visual arts, architecture and urbanism. design.

At the 55th ZAGREB SALON, in addition to the exhibited works, Ljerka Njerš’s film “CREATING BEAUTY IN THE CONTEMPORARY MEDIA” was shown, and you can also watch it at the link


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