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SAMOBOR, “CAT in Croatian Fine Arts” – PRICA Gallery

October 18. 2019.

Visual cats in the Prica Gallery in 120 different ways through the prism of 73 artists

How Croatian artists experienced the cat from the middle of the 19th century to the present day is shown in the exhibition precisely called “Cat in Croatian Fine Arts”, which opened on Friday, October 18 at the Story Gallery.

The authors of the exhibition, Dajana Vlaisavljević and Snježana Pavičić, and the curator of the Prica Gallery, Nikolina Šimunović, undertook the demanding task of including in one exhibition endeavor various examples of the artist’s artistic understanding of an animal as an example of an ideal pet. a herald of misfortune, a companion of the occult and even demonic or evil. It is in fact a continuation of the project from 2013, when the theme was a dog, and everything is part of a broader concept, ie the cycle “Animalism in Croatian Fine Arts”.

The exhibition, which occupies both rooms of the Story Gallery, upstairs and on the ground floor, features works by 73 authors who, inspired by the cat, expressed themselves in various techniques, from drawings, graphics and paintings to sculptures, and a total of about 120 works with a cat motif. of various themes, poetics and genres, stylistic periods from realism, expressionism, naive art to contemporary. It is clear from the scope that the exhibition was an equally big job in terms of authorship and organization, so the work on it took two years, which is understandable when you consider that the exhibits actually cover the whole of Croatia, from numerous museums and galleries. to the authors and private collectors who borrowed works for the Samobor exhibition.

Authors Dajana Vlaisavljević and Snježana Pavičić and curator Nikolina Šimunović spoke about the exhibition at the opening. Samobor Miran Soic considering that this exhibition is also a gift from the Story Gallery to the City of Samobor for his 777th birthday.

Source: http://www.radiosamobor.hr/2019/10/18/likovne-macke-u-galeriji-prica-na-120-razlicitih-nacina-kroz-prizmu-73-umjetnika/


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