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ZAGREB, Textile miniatures, Hungarian Institute Zagreb

April 4. 2018.

04/04/2018. there was opened a joint exhibition of Croatian and Hungarian textile artists titled TEXTILE MINIATURE.

The exhibition will be open until May 8 at HUNGARIAN INSTITUTE in Zagreb, Department of Culture of the Embassy of Hungary, A.Cesarca 10 street, Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm, Friday from 9am to 2pm. On Saturdays and Sundays the Institute is closed. Entrance to the exhibition is free!

“Textile miniatures are like paintings sketches. By them, the authors record ideas, discuss colors, test the materials, compose shapes according to the conceived concept. Since the dimensions are small, the textile miniatures carry that freshness of freedom, ludicrous, visual, graphic, associative or some other creations. (…) This exhibition is created in cooperation with Hungarian colleagues, who are however related to their great and long tradition of making tapestries. Moreover, they are a members of a specialized tapestry company, which, of course, determines their work. He is less experimental and less conceptual, but varied and personal in the choice of colors, shapes, tones, and adaptation of the fabric of the imaginative composition. Our textile artists are relied on another tradition. It is more short-lived, but related to post-avant-gard reflections in Croatia from the 1950s to the present: New Tendencies, Expanded Media and New Art Practices. Following the freedom of interpreting the connections and fabrics, the well-known and unexpected use of materials, and the postmodern involvement of sociological and psychological resources of the history of the textile media derived from rural, civil and industrial heritage, twelve authors of this exhibition, each surprising in its own way. “(Branka Hlevnjak, from the exhibit preface).

The Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists was founded in 1996 and has been active for a long time as a non-profit and public professional association. The association has grown into an art organization that brings together more than eighty members and is considered a large community in relation to European practice. In addition to its members, the association also gathers and represents members of Hungarians outside the state borders, the ones who still live abroad (Switzerland, France, Belgium, Romania). In addition to exhibiting activities which promote tapestry, association cares about the protection of lofty dwellings of high historical and artistic value and plays an important role in the field of higher education.


From Croatia: Tatjana Grgurina Vučetić, Ajla Hebib Špoljarec, Vesna Jakić, Nataša Knežević, Vesna Kolobarić, Ljerka Njerš, Vesna Pleše, Lili Poljak, Sanja Šebalj, Gordana Špicer Šimić, Jasna Štih Kapetanić, Wanda Tudja-Strahonja

From Hungary: Edit Balog, Hajnal Baráth, Noémi Benedek, Eszter Bényi, Bea Bocz, Margit Czakó, Katalin Fóris, Ritta Háger, Zsófia Harmati, Hajnal Ipacs, Erzsébet Katona Szabó, Ágnes Kecskés, Katalin Kiss, Eszter Kneisz, Krisztina Kókay, Rozália Kozma, Klára Kuchta (Švicarska), Ida Lencsés, Indira Máder, Borjana Maevszka-Koncz, Irén Málik, Dalma Nagy (Rumunjska), Lívia Pápai, Eleonóra Pasqualetti, Judit Pázmány, Éva Sípos, Ildikó Somodi, Kornélia Surján, Verona Szabó, Marika Száraz (Belgija), Judit Székely, Nóra Tápai, Bernadett Varga, Katalin Zelenák, Dóra Zsámbokréty

At the opening of the ceremony speech was held by the president of ULUPUH Ivan Bakal, Branko Hlevnjak, curator of the Croatian part of the exhibition and Ida Lencsés, vice-president of the Association of Hungarian Tapestry Artists. The opening will be attended by Nóra Tápai, selector of the Hungarian part of the exhibition, as well as 14 exhibitors from Hungary.

The exhibition was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the City of Zagreb.


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