Ljerka Njerš



April 29. 2018.

Set of London Exibition

With Flora Turner Vučetić, Tomislav Vlachin, the ambassador mr. Igor Pokaz and Jadranka Lady Beresford Peirse.

On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, in the Croatian’s art gallery embassy, ambassador Pokaz opened an exhibition of renowned of the Croatian artist Ljerka Njerš. Ms. Njerš has shown her latest works entitled “Creative adventure in color and flame”.

Ljerka Njerš is one of the most versatile and internationally acclaimed Croatian artists. Educated for applied art, it is known primarily as a ceramic artist who found inspiration in traditional and modern techniques, adapting them to suit her rich imagination and sensibility. Ljerka Njerš is already known to the London public, and this time she came to show her skill in handling a new media. Visitors to the exhibition were able to meet the artist and her dynamic, gentle and precise moves with a brush, which immeasurably overlaid on the surface of silk.

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