Ljerka Njerš


ZAGREB, Museum of arts and crafts, Ljerka Njerš – Retrospective1957–2007.

March 20. 2007.

At the big retrospective exhibition at the Museum for Arts and Crafts more than 300 works were exhibited, from the period 1957. – 2007., made in different techniques: from oil on canvas, graphics, ceramics, unique jewlery, relief miniatures inspired by croatian national heritage to porcelain, stoneware, enamel, and glass.

The author of the exhibition and the catalogue text is art historian Ivanka Reberski, while the exhibition was set by architect Oleg Hržić. A jazz duo played at the opening – saxophone player Saša Nestorović and pianist Veljko Glodić. A new documentary film was screened: “Notations of beauty happening 1967. – 2007. godine“ by director Ernest Gregl. The film consists from short videos and footage taken at the openings of Ljerka Njerš’s numerous exhibitions. During the course of the exhibition, three short movies about Ljerka Njerš coul be seen by the visitors: the famous and award-winning documentary film from 1983. “Art of clay and fire”, “Ceramics and painting with love” from 2001., both from from the director Ernest Gregl, and “Ljerka Njerš” a film by Edo Galić from 1991.

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