Ljerka Njerš


SAMOBOR, Hommage to the beauty of baked earth

May 11. 2015.

The beauty woven into works of Ljerka Njerš

Starting from watercolor, through oil paintings, paper over canvas, Ljerka Njers the most researched and find opportunities, often innovative, ceramics-the oldest technique of human creativity. She achieved the kind of luxury, uniqueness and wealth, expressing admiration and personal music, high culture and humanity, qualities which are permeated to her work. Ljerka Njers never is going along with art fads deliberate impoverishment of forms and procedures, simplicity and rawness that are in various stages of creation mainstream. Her personal eminence over the tracking of current transient ideas of theory was enough very dependent on the history that applied art that is taught, and now it seems, the permanent values ​​(elite) art. Working in silk, glass, ceramics, graphics or any other material and appropriate techniques and technologies that expresses Ljerka Njers, presents its full personality, originality and integrity of the thought and realized works.

If we look at the latest creations by Ljerka Njerš on silk, we can say only one thing: an artist over the years of its activities realized recognizable signature. The softness of moves, finesse of color, elegance of composition, complexity and simplicity of motives, picturesque atmosphere, clear messages, all of which he saw in the work of Ljerka Njerš and when pictures acts, adopts cityscapes, pays crimes celebrities or famous weather or when fighting against war and injustice-is behind it all built, cultivated and distinctive beauty. It is the silk glinted same freshness and ease what is created in the heat of the glass, baked clay or structured in the fire of an ancient technique of raku…

Acts of Ljerka Njers have that magical attraction; decoration that is not sweet, but the modern fruit rich historical heritage of applied art, which along with practical things cherished and high dose of luxury most refined taste. Here elegance in this exhibition reveals a photographer Visnja Serdar, which is embellished with details Glass Container of Ljerka Njers and them alone artist finished painting and turned into a unique handicrafts. Ljerka Njers the master and unrivaled, and although she preferred certain forms of vases, bowls, handbags and brooches, all gave their seal of academic painter who feels the shape and wisely and calmly, yet knowingly and spontaneously, drawing paint. Autonomous and original Ljerka Njers work became the inspiration for many designers, to adults and children alike.

Pottery workshop kindergarten Source in Samobor, which, along with numerous guests artists, has been active for twenty years, and whose anniversary is marked this exhibition, has achieved successful cooperation with Ljerka Njerš. Respectable work of the artist, her approach to art, especially ceramics and forms and special techniques that permanently mark and make authentic and distinctive, many times was an immediate model for learning and work in Izvor ceramics workshop. That’s why Ljerka Njers invited to as a guest-Presenters that her work contribute ceremony of a small, but valuable anniversary and exhibits together with the participants the pottery workshop. Not to be revealed followers or recognized influences, but to emphasize the love for creativity and beauty as the abiding fruit. All participants will, I believe with sincerity, acknowledging that creative work rewarding. The range is not important or reach, is less important individual artistic talent in this twenty-year activity of the most important is the realization of high-quality working conditions and leadership in order to satisfy the innate human need for creativity, for handicrafts, for work which aims to pure joy.

Branka Hlevnjak

Branka Hlevnjak

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