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October 8. 2020.

“On and around the table”, a thematic, selected exhibition of ULUPUH’s Section for Ceramics, Porcelain and Glass, opens on Thursday, October 8 at the ULUPUH Gallery in Zagreb.

The curator and selector of the exhibition, Iva Körbler, stated in the preface that the table with its centripetal symbolism of the family center still represents a strong center of every space, a place where social and emotional episodes of family and friends take place.

“Whether it’s a kitchen table, a large spice table or a small coffee table, the long-standing, mythical symbolism of the Mediterranean or continental table has remained intact, alienated from times,” she noted.

According to her, the theme was intended to encourage artists to take a new approach to designing items for serving food and table decoration, and the useful function of the works was not an ultimatum to apply for the exhibition.

“We have in front of us works that, in terms of form and style, speak in an extremely balanced way about the strength and artistic reach of the Section,” she announced.

Exhibitors: Nevia Barović Vukelic, Martina Franic, Djurdjica Horvat, Tajana Hrsak – Tilosanec, Pamela Ivankovic, Natasa Kabalin, Visnja Markovinovic, Natasa Ninic, Ljerka Ners, Nika Petrovic, Snjezana Pokos-Vujec, Zdenka Pozaic, Sanja Stani, Marija Stojanovic, Marina T Badurina, Ivančica Vončina, Klaudia Vukman, Dani Žbontar.

The exhibition is open until October 21, and admission is free.

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