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ZAGREB-“Art-Eco/ The Green Wheel of Balance”- ULUPUH Gallery

May 26. 2022.

The collective, juried, thematic exhibition of ULUPUH members “Art-Eco/ Green Wheel of Balance” was opened on May 26 in the ULUPUH Gallery.

According to the curator and selector of the exhibition Branka Hlevnjak, awareness of ecology is growing with the increase in global pollution, which is already alarming, and artists are working in numerous ways to raise overall awareness of the need for a different way of packaging, for reduced production and use of plastic, for thinking about sustainable development. 

Art-Eco is a biennial event that invites artists to become involved in environmental awareness of the world, and 43 of them responded to the theme “The Green Wheel of Balance”. 

“These are works of personal expression and author’s sensitivity performed in the techniques and types for which the authors specialize”, Hlevnjak assessed, adding that Art-ec’s questions are open, and the answers lie in long-term processes.

The exhibition will be open until June 8, and admission is free.

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