Ljerka Njerš


VARAŽDIN, Hommage to Varaždin / Exhibition on the occasion of the 50th Varaždin Baroque Evenings

September 3. 2020.


venue: GMV Stari grad, September 9, 2020
start / end date: 09.09.2020. / 25.10.2020.

The new Wednesday cycle at the Museum of the Varaždin City Museum, after a summer break, begins with an exhibition by the academic painter Ljerka Njerš, entitled Hommage to Varaždin, which opens in the Old Town on September 9 at 7 p.m. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the 50th Varaždin Baroque Evenings, and was realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

About the exhibition

The author of the professional concept of the exhibition, museum advisor at GMV Ljerka Šimunić, wrote about the work of the academic artist, sculptor, painter and ceramicist Ljerka Njerš and her exhibition dedicated to Varaždin:

“The painter with a distinct creative vitality graduated in 1960 in the class of Marina Tartaglia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In addition to her works in painting, she has created an impressive work in ceramics, glass, graphics and works created through a combination of the use of photography and computer techniques, recognizable and valorized in the homeland and the world.

In the works, which are characterized by professionalism and method, there is a refined sensitivity in the choice of materials and techniques. When choosing topics, she abandoned the generally accepted conventions in Croatian art and opted for the freedom that we can call capturing the eternity of the moment or moments of eternity.

This is exactly what happened during the preparation of this exhibition; the artist dedicated an entire cycle of works to Varaždin and its museum, specifically the permanent exhibition in the Old Town. She recognized the secret life of Varaždin’s heritage and interpreted it in her own special and artistic way, and the disturbing experience of the recent earthquake in Zagreb is presented to us in a shocking way by a group of artifacts connected and destroyed by destructive force. “

The exhibition is accompanied by the video film Creating Beauty in Contemporary Media by Ljerka Njerš, for which the music was composed by Matej Meštrović.

About the author Ljerka Njerš

Croatian painter, sculptor and ceramicist Ljerka Njerš, after graduating from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb, graduated in 1961 from the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts in the class of prof. Marina Tartaglie. Since then, she has been working as a professional artist, whose biography includes numerous solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad, as well as participation in international professional gatherings, symposia and art colonies. She perfected her work on study visits, among which one of the most significant was her stay in Portugal in 1987, where she worked at the Santana stone factory in Lisbon. The following year, she was invited to the renowned Portuguese porcelain factory Vista alegre in Ílhav, as an artist in residence.

In 1988, she worked at the famous The Curwen studio in London (director Stanley Jones), where she specialized in lithography. One of the lithographs created there was then chosen for the prestigious Royal Summer Exhibition.

Since 1985, he has also participated in the auctions of contemporary ceramics of the famous London auction houses Christie’s and Bonhams.

She has participated in the work of numerous colonies and ceramics workshops, such as the workshop in Plemenitaš in Slovenia, and in numerous colonies to help orphanages Paunovac (Gornje Prekrižje, Zagreb), ZILIK (Karlovac) and others. Through his work at auctions, he helps many hospitals, schools and the wounded of the Homeland War.

In England, with her sister Jadranka Beresford-Peirse, she also participates in the work of her International Trust for Croatian Monuments.

A monograph on ceramics and painting by Ljerka Njerš was published by the Graphic Institute of Croatia in 1990 by the art critic Josip Depol, and in 2012 by a monograph by art historian Dr. sc. Ivanka Reberski published by ULUPUH.

The animated documentary The Art of Clay and Fire was made in 1983 by Ernest Gregl and produced by Zagreb Film and Filmoteka 16, and the short documentary Ljerka Njerš in 1991 by Eduard Galić for Croatian Television.

Ljerka Njerš has won numerous awards and recognitions, including the City of Zagreb Award in 1994 and a special award in the category of ceramics, glass, porcelain and terracotta at the international exhibition Art of Miniature in Majdanpek, Serbia in 2010. Also, for her contribution to culture, Ljerka Njerš was awarded the Order of Danica Hrvatska with the figure of Marko Marulić.

She is a member of the Military and Hospital Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem. In addition to painting and ceramics, Ljerka Njerš is engaged in illustration and book equipment. She is a member of HDLU and ULUPUH Zagreb, and the Society of Designer Craftsmen in London.

She lives and works in Zagreb.

Note / implementation of epidemiological measures at the opening of the exhibition:

The opening of the exhibition will be organized with the implementation of epidemiological measures. The opening ceremony is held in the outdoor area (in the courtyard of the Old Town); due to the limitation of the number of people who can be in the exhibition space at the same time, after the opening the audience will enter the tour in small groups; in a closed GMV showroom it is mandatory to wear face masks. Adherence to other prescribed / recommended epidemiological measures is required.

Journalists and other officials from newsrooms can be in the space needed to do their journalistic work.

We thank everyone for their understanding.

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