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September 1. 2021.

Ljerka Njerš, izložbaLjerka Njerš, izložba

A biennial, thematic and selected exhibition of ULUPUH members entitled “National Heritage – Pula Amphitheatre” was opened .

21 artists exhibit their works made in different techniques, so the exhibition itself is very interesting to look at. The exhibition traditionally presents works created on the theme of Croatian national heritage, and this year it is being held for the fourth time.

In the first edition (2015), the exhibition was dedicated to canine heritage, in the second edition (2017) to lace, the third edition was dedicated to the Cathedral of St. Jakov in Šibenik (2019), and this year’s fourth biennial edition is dedicated to the amphitheater in Pula, i.e. the Pula Arena – as a motif in textiles, clothing, sculpture, jewelry, photography, ceramics, illustration, caricature, multimedia, etc.


The members of the jury were Ivana Bakal, Višnja Slavica Gabu and Branka Hlevnjak.
The author of the concept, curator of the exhibition and author of the artwork is Ivana Bakal.

You can view the exhibition from September 1-13, 2021.
The gallery is closed on Sundays and holidays.
Entry to the exhibition is free.

ULUPUH Gallery, Ilica 13, first floor, Zagreb


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