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March 20. 2019.

At the Museum of Antique Glass in Zadar on March 15, 2019, an exhibition of Ljerka Njerš, an academic painter from Zagreb, was opened. The exhibition was set in the small exhibition hall of the Museum. The renowned artist returns to the Museum of Antique Glass after eight years. Back then she had a great exhibition titled “GLASS ART GLAS” of the curator prof. Ivanka Reberski.


The new exhibition, named “MAKING BEAUTY IN THE MODERN MEDIA”, is the title of news – as well as the subtitle “glass – pictures – film” and there’s provocation…..besides the glass that was created last year and in our museum as a guest artist she will exhibit her paintings, but not plain – said with contemporary vocabulary made with the “mixed media” technique – made with computers and photographs. We will quote a few sentences from the preface of Branka Hlevnjak, an art historian who wrote the preface to the catalog – LJERKA NJERŠ – PAINTER OF FREE MOVEMENT OF JOLLY COLORS.

„…The glass’s opacity and shimmering light through the light led the artist, ready for new creative research, on the idea of replacing the glass panel with painted, airy image-silk. To achieve this new and different effect, while remaining faithful to herself and her painting world of imagination, Ljerka Njerš takes up the latest tools: photography and computers…“


New at the opening ceremony will also be the premiere of ten-minute experimental film by author Ljerka Njerš with original music by top composer Matej Meštrović.

The exhibition was realized in cooperation with the Gliptotek of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and after Zadar will also be located in Zagreb in the premises of the Gliptoteka on June 1, 2019.

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