LONDON, The croatian Embassy Art Gallery, 21 Conway Street, September/October 2006

The exhibition was organised by the Zagreb City Museum and the Croatian Embassy in the UK , and it was held in the Embassy's Gallery in London.






Zagreb city museum has organized the exhibition about Milka Ternina at the Royal Opera House, which took place from September 18th 2006. until January 20th 2007.

>>more about the exhibition at the Royal Opera House




Photographs from the opening

At the Croatian Embassy in London



Vinko Ivić, director of the Zagreb city museum and Nada Premerl

Jadranka Njers-Beresford-Peirse and

Vinko Ivić, Nada Premerl, Tony Hall, director of the Royal Opera House

Participants of the Milke Trnina Exhibition in London


Croatian ambassador in the UK Josip Paroa nd Nada Premerl

Nada Premerl, Flora Turner, ambassador Josip Paro andi Lj.Nj.

Josip Paro, Lj.Nj. and Palma Klun-Posavec

Participants at the opening



Photographs of the works presented at the exhibition


Tosca, I.

Tosca, II.


Donna Anna, I.

Donna Anna, II.